My name is Hanna Tholin, a motion designer and illustrator from Sweden. I've studied one year Fundamentals of Art at KV Konstskola and then two years of motion design at Hyper Island. I've interned as a motion designer at Kingdom of Something and Animaskin. Currently I'm working as a motion designer at Racecar, Oslo, which is pretty great!

Short about me: When I was 11 y/o I watched Hideo Mayazaki’s Spirited Away for the first time. For a few years after that, all I wanted to do was draw manga, watch romantic animes, attend cosplay events and do other equally cool things. Today, I’ve left the cosplay behind, but I still have a huge soft spot for Spirited Away. I have that movie to thank for so many of the things I love, not least of which is my chosen career. 

Things I love other than animation: bunnies, crocheting, brussels sprouts and sour beer. If you want to work together, or simply talk about how tasty brussels sprouts are, then don't hesitate to email me at 
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